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Kultrumm 436c Vari-Mu Compressor

- get that iconic Valvesound, that shaped music history in your studio!

Kultrumm 436c represents the qualities of the legendary Altec 436c compressor/RS124 in a modern and timeless version.

Developed in the fifties by the Altec company, the model 436 was used both for broadcast, PA, and in Abbey Road studios. There, in the early 1960s, engineers modified the original units for greater versatility.


Years later, they would be immortalized in musical productions such as Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, to name a few.

In this way, it managed to become a cult compressor.

Kultrumm 436c fully respects that spirit by incorporating mods to achieve versatility and precision. It is a powerful tool for recording, mixing and, especially, mastering.

The 436c compressor is part of the equipment of the best studios worldwide, given that its versatility is unavoidable in all musical genres.

A special and unique feature for a VariMu compressor is the Selk'Nams Threshold function.
When set to -9/-6, the sidechain function grabs -9/-6db of the audio material and compresses it, which leads to a very smooth and gentle gluey compression.
When switched to 0 the Selk'Nam is in full compression mode.



Input stage: 6n3p or 6bc8 (up to +20db input)
Output stage: Sylvania 6cg7
Sidechain: 6al5
Input: by 24-step key with a precision greater than 1%
Output: by 24-step key with a precision greater than 1%.
Attack: 20ms-75ms
Release: 300ms to 1.3s
Ratio: 1.5:1 to 4:1
Threshold: 0, -3, -6, -9
High pass filter: Side Chain off-80-150-200Hz
True Bypass Yes
Vumeter driver: In-Gain Reduction-Out
Dimensions: 482 x 130 x 120mm deep
Weight: 7 kg
Power requirements: 220v 50Hz 8w

​​​​​​​External Power Supply: Yes

   ✅ Handmade made in Argentina

   ✅ Custom wound transformers and parts for best sonic quality


✅ built individually by order

Gustavo Sacchetti.jpg

Multi Platinum Disc & 6x Grammy Awards

Gustavo Sacchetti

Mixing-/Mastering Engineer at Mammoth Cave Studios

'The Kultrumm Selk'Nam 436c is my go in the studio.It gently glues my mixes and masterings in a way no other unit does'
Great sounding cables, great people! 
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