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Audiophile Highend Cables

- get rid of the weak link in your chain

Cables mark a crucial weak point in every audio related audio setup.
Artifacts like Jitter, surrounding radiation from neighbouring devices and cables, spell into the sensible signal and influence losless sound transmission.
Those interferences build up and interact through the whole audiosystem, flow from one device to another in a complex form.

Polluted powering and insufficient shielding from power supplys and cables do affect the audiosignal as well.

Timing issues 'Jitter' happens in the signal transmission because of delayed electron-waves throughout the frequency spectrum.

Bass frequencies do travel on the inner conductor, while the upper frequency range is transfered on the outer part of the cable.
Interfering electromagnetic interferences like WLAN, Bluetooth and telephone networks are factors, that add on top of that.

As a consequence of inadequate shielding and protection, the perceived audio looses it's life,detail and definition.

Imagine a curtain hanging in front of your speakers, hindering the sound to come out of the speaker and evolve.

If a speaker system is cabled with a proper connection, you can expect a more flawless, detailed soundpicture, more dynamics and microdynamics, as well as a better location of instruments and elements placed in the music.

Quality shielding, Dielectricums, Filtering and a high quality conductor material assure, that the audiosignal is passed on as natural as powering.

No matter if you're just perceiving music out of pure joy and passion on a hifi system, or if you're actively participating in different stages of musicproduction;
proper highend audio cables bring informations and a resolution to the surface never heard before, letting you enjoy audio in it's purest form.


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