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Vaccum Tube- & Vari Mu Compressors

- iconic audio gear that shaped history

Units like the legendary Altec 1566a shaped the way music is heard tremendously.This historic compressor was used at Abbey Road Studios and set milestones, flavouring up the Beatles music.Also the predecessor of the legendary Urei 1176, the Universal 176 melted many records to unique and historic relevant music releases.

While digital processing of audio improved remarkably well lately, there is still something special about garnishing and spicening up instruments, mixes and masterings with analog hardware.Using a good quality converter and a coloring tube compressor gives all genres of music that warm analog hug, digital music lacks of, though results when mixing in the box are awesome these days.

The process of printing to a Vari Mu/Tube Vacuum compressor is a tactile and haptic relationship so satisfying.
Your intuition can be balanced with analytical thinking more easily through actually turning knobs and experimentation.

We think analog gear is still on top of the game wherever highgrade results are needed.

We invite you to test yourself!


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