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Taste the Sound of High Quality Cables

Try the Audiomica Beryl Gold and hear the Differences - for free


Audiomica Laboratory-  Beryl Gold XLR

Beryl Gold is a great analogue interconnect cable designed to be used in two channel connections or Audio-Visual systems. The cable offers great frequency response and fantastic bass.

Perfect for the most demanding studio applications where highclass results are needed, from Recording, Mixing, over to Mastering.


The cable is hand-terminated with gold-plated XLR plugs.


The original cord is packed in a signed box. The box includes the certificate of authenticity, a brochure with the description of the series, a product code and a personal quality assurance.


Beryl Gold  is a universal analogue interconnect cable for Hi-Fi, Studios and Audio-Visual systems.

Beryl Gold  has concentric structure and is optionally equipped with a DFSS anti-interference filter or the DSS double screening system.


Conductors: OFC, 5N

Screen: Copper braid

Wire dia./cross section: 2×0,64mm/2×0,32mm2

Cable diameter: ~ 7mm

Antistatic Couplers: Available for: Premium, Luxury

Filter (option): DFSS (Premium), TFSS (Luxury)

Plugs: RCA, XLR & TRS

Number of possible configurations: 9

• Handmade Made in Poland

You will get the Standard Version as a Pair with 3,5m for testing.
The test-campaign will start at 15th August.


Available as;




Stéphane Piquemal

Mixing Engineer

The Voice, Aaron Taylor, Jane for Tea

I have been using audiomica cables at my studio for more than a year, i love them. The consequence series is remarkable!
Great sounding cables, great people! 

Yes, please let me try!


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