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Digital Cables

Digital Cables

- signal transmission beyond just zeroes and ones

Digital cables like USB Cables, BNC Cables, LAN Cables mark a crucial weak point in every audio related audio setup.
The importance of a good digital connection, whether it be for your Streamer, DAC for Hifi or AD/DA Conversion in Musicproduction.

Artifacts like Jitter, surrounding radiation from neighbouring devices and cables, spell into the sensible signal and influence losless sound transmission.Failures in send data packages can lead to jitter, loosing crucial details in music, especially Reverbs and Echoes, small nuances in general.
The quality and type of shielding and conductor materials used, plays a role here, though those are only two parts aspects, that make a great digital cable.

No matter if you're just perceiving music out of pure joy and passion on a hifi system, or if you're actively participating in different stages of musicproduction, be it mi
xing, mastering or recording:

Proper highend digital cables bring informations, spaciousness, accurate timing and a resolution to the surface never heard before, letting you enjoy audio in it's purest form, allowing audio equipment to work together as a flawless and uncompromising system and  equals the value of your carefully chosen and cost-intense audio equipment.

To be said in conclusion:
just listen and test it yourself to get an impression!


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