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The TAB V376 was the first transistorized successor to the famous TAB V76 tube amplifier and has become such a classic in the meantime. In the mid-1960s, TAB and AEG/Telefunken developed the V300/V600 technology.

The Telefunken 6xx series cassettes with the letter A fit as well as the TAB V300 modules in 19" DIN racks.
Unfortunately, this format is not supported by Siemens Sitral V276 amplifiers. At that time there was no 19" format, so Unfortunately, the original DIN racks are complex, "they have to be shrunk if you want to install them in a studio rack today."


Kultrumm Audio Labs decided to bring this equipment to 2021 in a format that everyone can take advantage of in their studios without the problems of the old v376, respecting the character, the organicity in the audio and above all the spirit of the equipment that is heard and felt.
Those who know it can immediately identify the unit by the way it sounds and the emotions it evokes.

The TAB V376 is based on amplification and works on the TAB V76 tube amplifier and the Siemens Sitral V276, which was developed before the TAB V376. It is a fully discrete class A transistor amplifier with planar silicon transistors and high-quality components, such as the usual gold-plated rotary switches for the amplification circuit and balancing via input and output transformers.

Gain of up to 70dB is achieved via a step rotary switch and a trim pot for fine adjustment.
The TAB V376 really sounds like the Siemens.

MIC/HI Z selector: Yes
Direct TS input: Yes
XLR input and output Yes
Phantom Power 48V: Yes
Analog needle vumeter: Yes
Step gain: 70dB
Gain steps: 12
Gain trim +6dB
Lo Cut: off, 40, 80, 140 Hz.Hi Cut: 15Hz
External Power Supply: Yes

Kultrumm Audio Labs - V376 Mic Pre

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