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Neu interpretiertes Outboard legendärer Studioklassiker

Sebastian de Franceschi is an electronics technician and teacher, musician and self-taught. Kultrumm Audio Labs arises from the imperative need to bring back to life some classics of recording, mixing and mastering that were a little forgotten and that make up within the world of audio one of the glories that all professionals in the industry enjoy and desire in their productions.

He started his journey in building studio gear, like most successful brands do, out of pure necessity and lack of gear supply in argentina in the 1990's.

What started out as a project, quickly became a story of crafting uniquely and beautifully looking studio hardware professionally.

He builds all units by hand and interprets classics like the legendary ALTEC RS124/436, ALTEC 1566a, UNIVERSAL 176, the TAB V73, the SIEMENS (Sitral) V73.

The design and build got overhauled and improved the overall quality of his new approach to lift exquisite studio, gear that shaped music history, to new heights.


Kultrumm handbuild Transformer

Output Line Transformers, the audio output circuit load must have low impedance, to achieve maximum performance in terms of low distortion and better THD behavior. Again, in each situation and each piece of equipment, the selected materials such as mu metal, iron, copper of different gradations are a fundamental factor in the delivery of the audio.

Kultrumm Audio Labs maintains the development of its transformers to achieve: Compactness, Resistance to high load levels for balancing and unbalancing load, materials of the highest quality available in the world market for audio transformers, maximum standard of manufacturing and control of quality.

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