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The new Kultrumm 1977 is a Channel Strip or complete recording channel made by hand based on discrete operations. It consists of a microphone preamplifier, a 3 (three) band semi-parametric equalizer, an optical compressor and an analog LED VU meter.

Kultrumm 1977 is suitable for any type of recording at the highest professional level. Its exclusive design was designed to achieve the best shots with any type of sound source. It stands out as a vocal recording line of incredible versatility.

The microphone preamplifier features a high-performance Mu-metal input transformer, a discrete operational and output transformer made exclusively for this model with the best materials available. Achieves 63dB gain with minimal noise.
Therefore, it is suitable for all types of dynamic, condenser or ribbon microphones.

The three-band equalizer presents great versatility due to its number of selectable frequencies, harmonically enriching audio without undesirable effects.
We are looking at a musical EQ based on the legendary API 553.

The optical compressor is based on discrete operational and optocoupler, used in classic optical compressors, which provides a sound that can only be achieved with this technology. The result is very gentle to aggressive compressions, thanks to the exclusive design developed entirely for this model. Basically, it responds to an LA2A, bu