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Audiomica Laboratory - Celes Excellence 


From the lower, up to the highend range, Audiomica Laboratory's speaker cables,interconnects & digital cables offer pristine resolution, an accurate presentation of the soundstage, a natural, detailed and musical image of what's happening throughout the entire frequency range.


Perfect to step up from an already good sounding system to an unbeatable one.


We are quite impressed and have been testing their products on various points of audio setups!


The changes to the new modification of the speaker cable were influenced by a new design of the conductor and introduction of dual rhodium-plating technology in the DCP process.

The AML-ACP10 Rh plugs (both spade and banana) are made of brass, coated with a double layer of rhodium to ensure the best signal transmission. The plug body is made of non-magnetic antistatic material (POM-C AP50), which protects against overvoltages.

The new conductive base is made of four silver-plated copper wires. The conductors are protected against an electromagnetic field by a dense braided screen. The replacement of the previous design of two conducting wires enables manufacturing Bi-wire and Bi-Amp versions of the cable.

The new version consolidates the nature of Genimedes, which is characterized by an exceptional sound purity. Moreover, Genimedes received the antistatic coupler made of POM-C AP50TM from Acoustic Points, which protects the surface of the cable from micro electrostatic charges.

The coupler is mounted with a non-magnetic screw. The ch