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Taste the Sound of High Quality Cables

Teste kostenlos das Audiomica Beryl Gold Kabel und höre die Unterschiede , die ein Highend Kabel machen kann


Audiomica Laboratory-  Beryl Gold XLR

Beryl Gold is a great analogue interconnect cable designed to be used in two channel connections or Audio-Visual systems. The cable offers great frequency response and fantastic bass.


The cable is hand-terminated with gold-plated XLR plugs.


The original cord is packed in a signed box. The box includes the certificate of authenticity, a brochure with the description of the series, a product code and a personal quality assurance.


Beryl Gold  is a universal analogue interconnect cable for Hi-Fi, Studios and Audio-Visual systems.

Beryl Gold  has concentric structure and is optionally equipped with a DFSS anti-interference filter or the DSS double screening system.


Conductors: OFC, 5N

Screen: Copper braid

Wire dia./cross section: 2×0,64mm/2×0,32mm2

Cable diameter: ~ 7mm

Antistatic Couplers: Available for: Premium, Luxury

Filter (option): DFSS (Premium), TFSS (Luxury)

Plugs: RCA, XLR

Number of possible configurations: 9

• Handmade Made in Poland

Du wirst die Standard Version als Paar mit 3,5m für Testing erhalten.
Die Testkampagne wird ab dem 15. August starten.

Verfügbar als;





Stéphane Piquemal

Mixing Engineer

The Voice, Aaron Taylor, Jane for Tea

I have been using audiomica cables at my studio for more than a year, i love them. The consequence series is remarkable!
Great sounding cables, great people! 

Ja, ich möchte gerne testen! 


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